Our Founder


In 2015, I realized I had a story to tell. A story that was deeply rooted in the sands of the Jersey Shore. A story that was told by the sights, sounds, photos and family recipes that I was raised on. The stories of the “good ole days” when my parents where young and the beaches were still pretty empty. My story is about a neighborhood that is located at the Dead End of a road in a small beach town often referred to as the North End. Some of us started coming down here in the 1940’s and over the years the community grew. Each summer new beach stories were added to the pages of time and each year was more legendary than the last.

It wasn’t long before I realized that my story as unique as it was there were hundreds, if not, thousands of other family beach stories just like it up and down the coasts of the great USA. Stories of families that would work hard all week in the big city just for those few salty and sandy days at the beach. Stories of love, romance, pure beach bliss and a state of mind some of my family friends like to call “Shore Happy”. There is something about the beach life that is unique. It doesnt matter how far away you may live from the shore or how long you lived there. Once you catch that “beach bug” saltwater will eternally flow through your veins.

There is simply nothing better than surfing till after the sunsets, walking back to the beach house and sitting down to a candle lit meal with friends and family. The warm summer breeze flowing through your hair and the salt drying on your lips adding that perfect touch of sea salt to your meal. Dessert was typically a swirl ice cream cone with sprinkles from down on the boardwalk and spectacular fireworks that filled the night sky.

These moments and memories while distant are still so vivid in my heart and mind. It is for this reason that North End Living exists…to provide a canvas and the tools necessary to capture those heartfelt moments that can only be found in those times with friends and family at the beach.

It is with great pleasure that North End Living personalizes each and every gift we sell. We know our products will be entering a happy beach home somewhere on our shores and we are so grateful we have the opportunity to help to cultivate these special times.


R. Phil Lewis